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Hungry Eyes?

Fresh dog food delivery, Bangalore
Bone broth for dogs and Bone broth for cats in Bangalore.


We source the ingredients for our specially crafted dog menu, from reliable vendors whom we’ve been comfortable working with over the years. All our ingredients are not just human grade but some of choicest meats for us pet parents as well. Our homemade dog food ingredients are carefully handled at every step of preparing the food starting from sourcing, cleaning, preparation, delivery to your home, including storage at your home. 



We all love to consume food that is not only nutritious but also pleasing to our eyes. This is the same rule we apply for the food we prepare for your pet dogs. We like to make it look as delectable as possible for you and your pooch. In our meals, all ingredients are visible, because we take time to cut the vegetables and meats into bite sized cubes. The vegetables are then cooked in meat broth, flavourful enough for even some of our canine companions with discerning taste, in short, the fussy furry friends!



Most dogs love a meaty meal. To ensure the same meaty meal does not turn off the feeder, we cook our meats with a few beneficial herbs for the dogs like rosemary, parsley, thyme. We recommend heating our fresh food before you serve it to your dog. We personally love adding a teaspoon of coconut oil to the food because most dogs will love the smell of coconut oil, mixed with their warm meals. And coconut oil is amongst popular list of "healthy fats for dogs".


Taste Test

There are no products on our menu, that we haven’t tasted ourselves. While of course, none of our products have any sort of seasoning, we taste test it for the overall feel of the product to be able to describe it on our menu. So what you read on our product descriptions, have been tested for you and your pooch, by us and our pooch!.

No Preservatives

Fresh dog food from Hungry Eyes, have been made with care from homemade dog food ingredients. We do not add any preservatives to any of our products. We focus on elongating the shelf life of our products based on natural cooking methods and packaging. Our vacuum packed dog meals have a shelf life of 10 days vs our boxed meals of 5 days; to ensure the choice of packaging is yours to make when shopping with Hungry Eyes.


Shelf Life

The recommended product shelf life against each product is provided, after testing it out ourselves in a home refrigerator; despite frequent power fluctuations. We have considered the delivery time, the weather conditions and yet taken a buffer to avoid any spoilage once you purchase from Hungry Eyes. We are very particular, ourselves, about the food we feed the dogs under our care. And considering, dogs get even more excited about the smell of the food they consume, the shelf life we recommend, plays a key role in ensuring the food still smells fresh and remains delectable to both you and your pooch.


Same Day Delivery

Last, but certainly not the least, we offer same day delivery on Dog Meal Boxes & Dog Treats

Order by 3pm and we deliver between 5pm to 9pm, same day!

This is a feature we are committed towards, to make the experience of shopping for fresh dog food online as easy as shopping from your favourite restaurant.

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