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Mutton Bone Broth

Mutton Bone Broth

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250 Milliliters
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Imagine having chilled jelly on a hot summer or hot bone soup on a cold winter. This broth is the equivalent for your canine companion. Consider it a snack or to soften the kibble when it is more convenient for you to carry dry food outside. 

  • The broth is slow cooked and chilled; the fat accumalated on top of the broth is skimmed off. 


    You may serve bone broth as a base for a complete meal, to moisten dry foods or to hydrate your dog, especially when they are sick.


    Quantity recommendation:

    Small dogs: Upto 50ml a day


    Medium dogs: Upto 100ml a day


    Large dogs: Upto 150ml a day


    If your dog is new to bone broth, give a few tablespoons a day to start with before serving the recommended quantity.


    Use by:

    Our broth, when stored in the refrigerator, has a shelf life of 5 days from the date of preparation.

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