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Low Carb Pork Meal

Low Carb Pork Meal

PriceFrom ₹530.00
Excluding Taxes |

We have carefully chosen & prepared vegetables like - pumpkin, cauliflower, green beans, bottle gourd, bell pepper - all of which are lower in starch, carbohydrate & sugar content; making it a very easily digestible food for dogs who need to avoid grains or starch from vegetables too.

The cauliflower is prepared in the texture of rice (cauliflower rice) making it impossible for your puppy to avoid and yet light, nutritious & delicious.

The content of meat is still 78% in raw weight, ensuring your pooch gets their daily dose of protein.

  • Our low carb meals for dogs are especially recommended for dogs with skin allergies, allergies to grain or starch, senior dogs, obese dogs,  dogs with arthritis, diabetese or cancer. 

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