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Fish Meal Boxes

Fish Meal Boxes

PriceFrom ₹395.00
Excluding Taxes |

Our chicken meal boxes includes 3 boxes of either 150gms, 300gms or 450 gms chicken meal.

Chicken cooked on the bone and deboned for your ease, served with vegetables and rice cooked in chicken broth. 

Our meals are 78% protein, 17% vegetables and 5% grain before cooking.

Each box has the same proportion of protein, vegetables and grain.

  • Add New Food Gradually

    Plan a gradual break-in period for the new food. Slowly wean your dog off the old food while gradually introducing the new.


    Days 1-3: 

    • Start by putting 3/4 of a typical serving of your dog’s current food in the bowl.

    • Then, fill out the final 1/4 of the meal with the new food. 

    • Watch your dog get excited — but more importantly, notice how your dog seems to feel after meals over these first few days.


    Days 4-7: 

    • Ask yourself: Did my dog handle the switch to new dog food well during days 1-3?

    • If no, or your pet’s stool seems soft or loose, take a step back and introduce the new food more slowly.

    • If yes, offer the new food for the whole morning meal, then the old/ current food for their evening meal.

    • Or, if you prefer, do a 50/50 mix in their bowl for every meal. 


    Days 8+: 

    • Ask yourself: Did my dog handle the new food well during days 4-7?

    • If no, give transition more time by staying in the day 4-7 pattern, or even dropping back to the day 1-3 pattern for a day or two.

    • If yes, you’ve successfully switched dog foods! You can now feed fresh foods for both meals. 


    In general, the best way to switch a dog’s food is gradually, but there’s no need to fear if things move fast. Many pets transition quickly and gobble fresh food with excitement right away.

    By the way, eating too quickly can be rough on your ruff-ruff’s system. If you think your dog eats too fast, look into slow-feeder bowls to slow them down.

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