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Daily Mutton Meal Pack

Daily Mutton Meal Pack

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Mutton cubes slow cooked with herbs. The cooked meat is mixed with vegetables and red rice, which are cooked in meat stock, to heighten the flavour profile.



  • Our recommendation, for your dog's daily diet:

    150 gms pack per 5 kg of a dog's weight per day.

    300 gms pack per 10 kg of a dog's weight per day.

    450 gms pack per 15 kg of a dog's weight per day.

    This recommendation is based on the fresh meal weight being 3% of your dog's total body weight.


    Our meal comprises 78% animal protein* - only meat & cartilage, no organs or bones, 17% vegetables* & 5% grains*.

    In case you opt to feed your dog a grain-free diet, we will replace the quantity of grain with vegetables. 

    Please do keep in mind, that grain is a good source of energy for young & active dogs. 


    We do not mix egg in any form to any of our meals.


    We do not cook a variety of proteins together. The meats, vegetables and grains are gently mixed, just before packing your order.


    You may serve up the meal hot or cold, however, we recommend heating the food for the flavours and smells to hit the right notes for your canine.


    Use by:

    Our daily meals do not have any preservatives & have a shelf life of 10 days if kept in the refrigerator on receiving.

    The daily meal packs are vacuumed packed to increase shelf life of food, storage space in the refrigerator and reduce the number of deliveries to your home.

    The packaging retains the nutrition and shape of all cut meats, vegetables and grain.


    *Uncooked weight

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