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Chicken Neck

Chicken Neck

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Chicken neck for dogs are amongst the most natural supplement for glucosamine, calcium & proteins. Feeding chicken neck to your puppy is also a convenient way to keep the teeth clean and mouths odour free; imagine reducing the number of time their teeth need to brushed as part of their grooming routine!!



  • Quantity recommendations:

    Small dog: Upto 1 piece a day

    Medium dog: Upto 3 pices a day

    Large dog: Upto 5 pieces a day

    If your dog is new to chicken neck, we recommend that you give a piece, 3-4 times a week and gradually increase to the recommended quantities.


    Our chews needs to be refrigerated.

    They stay fresh for 15 days from date of cooking. 

    You may serve directly from the refrigerator .

    No heating up required.

    Keeping the container dry & using only dry hands to handle the treats are recommended.


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