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Beef Bone Broth

Beef Bone Broth

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Slow cooked broth made from slow roasted beef bones to bring out the most of the marrow. You may serve it chilled or heated as a healthy snack, especially for canines who do not really hydrate themselves.

  • Bone broth is basically as good as gelatin, which is good for your dog's gut health. And gelatin is 30% glycine, which helps in detoxifying the liver of your dog. Bone broth is also good in rejuvenating your dog's joints, since it is high on collagen and glucosamine which are recommended for dog's with arthritis or hip dysplasia. The broth is slow cooked and chilled; the fat accumalated on top of the broth is skimmed off. 


    You may serve bone broth as a base for a complete meal, to moisten dry foods or to hydrate your dog, especially when they are sick.


    Quantity recommendation:

    Small dogs: Upto 50ml a day


    Medium dogs: Upto 100ml a day


    Large dogs: Upto 150ml a day


    If your dog is new to bone broth, give a few tablespoons a day to start with before serving the recommended quantity.


    Use by:

    Our broth, when stored in the refrigerator, has a shelf life of 5 days from the date of preparation.

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