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Chicken Liver

Chicken Liver

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Liver is considered one among the "top" organ meats for your "top" dog. They are loaded with protein, iron, vitamin A, vitamin B, essential fatty acids. A serving of liver contains nearly double the nutrients found in a serving of muscle meat. Hence, the small portions of goodness packed and ready for your canine and you. These facts make liver great for joint, heart and coat health of your canine.

  • Quantity recommendations:

    Basic thumb rule for any organ meat, is as below:

    As treats -  5% of your dog's daily diet, can be organ meat, in weight.

    As muscle meat replacement - 10% to 20% of your dog's daily diet, can be organ meat, in weight.

    Hungry Eyes Liver Treats recommendation:

    Small dog:  Upto 6 pieces per day

    Medium dog: Upto 10 pieces a day

    Large dog: Upto 18 pieces a day

    If your canines is new to organ treats, give a few pieces of treats, 3-4 times a week and gradually increase the quantity to the afore-mentioned recommendations.


    Our treats needs to be refrigerated.

    They stay fresh for 15 days from date of cooking. 

    You may serve directly from the refrigerator .

    No heating up required.

    Keeping the container dry & using only dry hands to handle the treats are recommended.

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