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Updated: Apr 13

We love travelling and our dog Beauty enjoys the destinations we've taken him to, on a road trip.

Travelling with Beauty … taught us a lot more about him and who we are to him (his humans ) than we would have realised at home.

In Malayalam, there is a saying “Veenunnadam Vishnu Lokam” (with zero religious connotation and 100% spiritual thoughts)… translated in English “Heaven is wherever you are at” …. That’s definitely something to watch and learn from Beauty!

He balances all tensions that normally happens between the driver and navigator of the car!
He just makes new friends with humans wherever he goes, waiting to be pampered. He generally gets along with most dogs and animals too and of not he lets them be, thankfully!
Within a few hours of reaching the place of stay, he figures out where the kitchen is, who manages the kitchen, who will serve him food, who can be the weak link rather on being manipulated regular treats; basically food is a very important part of his daily life, be it at home or elsewhere.

Our first roadtrip…was to a lovely, small resort with all the space in the world for Beauty, at Coorg; where we believe is his birthplace. He worked his way around the human serving us..and more importantly the human preparing his meals.
A day after getting there…. all the humans at the resort, a few stray cats and Beauty were in total harmony.

It is lovely to see the excitement and joy with which he enjoys his open space and makes it his own.
And the same continues even on short home visits, so travel to him is whatever is new, out of the routine and where he's welcomed with open arms and loads of food.
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