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Homemade tick repellent for dogs

Updated: Oct 2

We love walking our dogs, Beauty, Bella and they love exploring during their walks. And we are sure it's the same for you & your pack of dogs.

A walk for us, is, on an average 45 minutes long in the morning and short walk in the evenings with lots of sniffing time. We also enjoy meeting our street dog friends, whom we've named individually and collectively call them streeties. We've grown very fond of our streeties and luckily, as much as they look forward to meeting us, the humans, some of them truly enjoy a bond with our dogs too.

Considering the number of dogs they meet and the sort of open places they go sniffing into, we, touchwood, have managed to keep the ticks and fleas out.

Thanks to my sister, who has been a veteran pet parent, we have a homemade tick repellent for dogs.

I've, obviously, made it more effective too, ahem!!

You can let your goofies be themselves, everywhere.....with a homemade tick repellent for dogs
Let dogs be dogs!!

Basic ratio of the homemade tick repellent for dogs are as below:

We use a mix of citronella oil, white vinegar and a mild or diluted soap solution; all in equal quantities.
We were always on the look out for natural flea treatment for dogs and this sure has been a saving grace.
The mild soap solution is only to ensure a better mixing of the citronella oil with water, we use soapnut solution, you could also try a small quantity of glycerin to keep it more natural. Adding a few drops of glycerine to water.
Generally, the 3 ingredients are mixed in equal proportions, however, for the mild soap solution part, please do mix in a good quantity of water.
Citronella is a natural tick repellent and so is white vinegar in dilution. Once you start making this at home yourself, you'll get a better idea of the proportions you want for your family.

This gets sprayed on Beauty & Bella before their walks, whether they like it or not. And, in exchange, they enjoy their freedom outside with no restrictions on making new friends and keeping things natural.
The citronella mix works wonders on us, humans too, for keeping the mosquitoes away and has a pleasant smell unlike the strong odours of most store bought mosquito repellent. Though, most dogs will find the smell strong, that's what keeps the dogs safe from ticks and fleas.

This citronella based homemade tick repellent for dogs, is one of our travel essentials and serves the purpose for the whole pack ... or family!

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