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Homemade soapnut shampoo for dogs

Updated: Feb 28

We get a few compliments, from generous #doglovers , about #Beauty , our dog's, #shinydogcoat and pleasant smell even weeks after we've bathed him.

One of the reasons, are of course, his diet. #homemadedogfood - meals, treats and snacks, from the #hungryeyescanines kitchen. We are lucky, he's not allergic to any proteins, except eggs, his treats and snacks are a 100% organ meats, bone broths and chicken feet. There is a periodic change in our choice of protein for his meals between chicken, beef, lean pork and fish.

We also bathe him, with a #homemadeshampoo made from #soapnut (reetha), #shikakai , lemon peels. It doesn't lather, but keeps him clean for weeks together. His coat is softer, shinier and tick free. The shampoo is applied on his dry coat, since the water content is high, Beauty gets a good massage and then the shampoo is rinsed off with water.

Having said that, we have had one episode of a flea infestation, but fortunately for us, we noticed it early on and were able to control it before it turned nasty. For this period, we relied on spot on, medicated shampoos and the #fleacomb , which was the knight in shining armour!

We are now contemplating also using the oatmeal wash as a conditioner for the winters. Any thoughts on that is welcome!


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