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Benefits of feeding fresh food for dogs

Updated: Oct 2

While kibbles for dogs have been around for decades, fresh food for dogs are centuries old!

Kibble vs fresh food for dogs

Kibble can be a convenient feed for dog owners, however, kibbles are to dogs, the same way, processed cereals are to humans. Processed Cereal's nutritional values shown in the labels are all high, but there's something always missing on your bowl.

A few points to consider as a pet parent, before choosing the type of food you want to put in that dog bowl. Especially, if your dog has got a sensitive stomach, yeast infection, or allergies.

A grain free diet is advised to dog's with skin problem including yeast infections or constant scratching. Now if you look at the ingredient label of a grain free kibble, it's highly likely that one of the ingredients included will be brewer's yeast. Now brewer's yeast is great for most dogs, however, it is strongly recommended to avoid the ingredient for dogs with yeast infection.

If your dog is allergic to chicken, most kibbles available in the Indian market, will have a variety of their products to choose from, like meat and vegetable or meat and rice but it hardly mentions the meat used or if chicken is strictly not included.

And God help you, if your dog is allergic to eggs....that's a key ingredient in almost all dog meals, including many brands preparing fresh food for dogs, with Hungry Eyes as an exception.

However, if you are to feed fresh food for dogs, it is so much safer to feed them their daily meals, since you are in control of the ingredients that go into your dog's bowl. While cooking can be cumbersome, you have full control over what your dog eats, how they react to each protein. If their body is reacting negatively to grain, it is still easy to incorporate carbohydrates in their meals, which is essential for a growing puppy, burning tonnes of energy every hour!

So, if you are a Bangalore pet parent, who does not like cooking chicken for dogs or for that matter cannot cook meat in your home and still want to choose a meat based diet for your dog, do check out our dog menu available for home delivery across Bangalore

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