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First Time Dog Owner

Updated: Jun 25

One of my favourite books on what to do and what not to do when you get a new dog home, is Michele Welton's "Respect Training"; available on kindle. It is more about how to build a strong foundation and bond with your dog, rather than training technics or obedience training. While obedience training is crucial with a new dog, it is also important to set the rules of your home with your dog.

A guide for first time dog owners.
A good resource for first time dog owners

Having had a reactive dog in the past, I also learnt a lot from the mistakes we made with him; too much freedom too soon and not correcting bad behaviour. A lot of how our dog's response or reactions may mostly be related to how we treat them. So, maybe the problem could have also been in us being a first time dog owner and not knowing how to channelise that puppy energy. Hence we got a canine behaviourist involved.

We had a solid routine set by a canine behaviourist in Bangalore C.V. Franklin (Vicky), from Fetch Canine Training School which helped and continues to help with our new pack members, even if they are furry guests at our home for a few days, away from their pack. It was not only the routine Vicky suggested that helps, however, the tools, technics, diet plan, a few supplements; Vicky knows his canines for sure. Also, an added benefit of working with Vicky or Fetch is, they work with Second Chance Sanctuary India.

House breaking a dog is a balance of rules, routine, consistency, calm and adopting a dog with energies that match your lifestyle and energies.

What a dog needs most is direction, firmness and calm energies, so you could let them know you take care of them. And if you see early signs of a rocky relationship with your pup, just get professional help and remind happens to the best of us!

Happy mutt... happy hut!

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