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Dog Walk.. A "Cake Walk"

Updated: Jun 27

Dog walk made easy with a few key tips for beginners.
A walk in the park with your dog!

It may take a while before your dog's and your walking rhythm is in sync .....somethings are best enjoyed when it is a slow process...and you have their whole life ahead with you to enjoy.

Dog walk practices we followed at the initial stages of getting a new dog:

  • Walking the dog on leash connected to the collar and not a harness: The reason for a collar against a harness is, it is easier to correct your dog with a tug, if they pull or you need them to not pick up unwanted things off the road. The easiest tug is to loosen the leash and tug. You'll learn how much pressure your dog can take based on their response.

  • For highly active puppies it's best to use the check chain: A lot of people refer to the check chain as choke chain too, however the check chain actually helps keep your rambunctious dog on check. The check chain works even better, when after placing the chain just under their jaws, to fasten that position with a key ring or a strong clip like a leash clip. This ensures the strain is not on the neck and yet the check chain is always just behind their ears and under the jaw bone.

  • Leash training your dog inside the house and slowly moving to the apartment complex and then outdoors is also a good idea for beginners. Here you are slowly introducing the distractions to your pup and correcting them if they react, ensuring that no matter how much distractions are there outside, they still listen to the most important commands for their safety.

Once our routine was set, we kept our digital world away during the walks...these walks are something we cherish with Beauty & Bella. We started exploring different walkroutes and, at select locations, we leave them offleash. Beauty thoroughly enjoys his offleash sprints. And to be honest... most interactions with other dogs, seem to be better offleash. They seem to make their own dogfriends and deal with each other's energies better. And Bella loves following us around.

The adventure began when we as humans, started trusting our dogs to behave.

Dogwalks, for us, are one among the activities we enjoy the most with Beauty & Bella.

Luckily we are in Bangalore, home to the beautiful and dog friendly Cubbon Park & their resident dogs, popularly known as "Parkies".

We enjoy carrying meat based treats to feed the community dogs, who equally shower us and our pups with love, affection and a whole lot of play.

Check out our treats on

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