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#Canine Wannabees!!

Updated: May 25, 2022

"I want to be a #dog in my next life"!!

Seriously.... Yes!! But not so easy either.

You could probably say a lot about a society by the way our #streeties (the canines dwelling on our streets) respond to strangers and neighbours. A lot of how dog's respond, reflect on how we as a society treat them.

We've been lucky to have some wonderful #Streetdog friends whom we fondly call #streeties…..they have equally showered us with love and licks as much as we’ve given them #pets and #dogtreats. It is a beautiful relationship as long as you keep your mind and heart open, to letting them be.

We’ve got the dogs in our life to #thank for this openness!
And I wish…in my next life time, if I happen to be a #bitch …I have beautiful people like you in my life!
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