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Are we really their world or they ours?

"Your friends are here", my mother would yell out. I would go play with them, feed them. "She has more animal friends than human friends", I'd hear her say.
Growing up in the small city of Kathmandu, I always had dogs around me, whether it was my own pet or the stray ones.
I would always be found playing with them, interacting with them, feeding them, that was my favourite pastime. And it wasn't just one or two , but a group of 7-8, always lingering around me.

Then the time came for me to go to India for college education. And I packed up. The dogs disappeared. The day I was leaving I couldn't find a single one around. But my mother would tell me how a few of them would walk with her every morning to her workplace, and come back after she entered her work building. "Your friends act as my body guards", she would say, and we'd have a good laugh. Every time I came back for holidays, I'd find them outside my gate, wagging away in joy.
Dogs (or any animals) are the best things that could happen to the human race. (and that's entirely my opinion)
The unconditional love that we receive from them is so pure, sometimes, makes me wonder if we even deserve them.
Loyalty that never fades, Love that never fails, support that never weakens, intelligence that cannot be defined.
Hearts filled with such pure love, only expecting love in return. How they make us their world!!
They are our stress busters, our silent companions in every mood, completely selfless. That's how I see them, and that's how I love them.

- Apurva Sandeep

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