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Adding #Beauty , to our lives

Updated: Feb 28

When we, as a couple , first decided on having a dog as a part of our family, we only thought of a puppy. We were very clear on our commitments, and that, both parties at home were completely onboard with the decision. Even if we had discussed this plan for over a decade.

We spoke with an experienced organisation, CUPA Second Chance Adoption Centre , which, did not showcase dogs based on how long they've had them, however, it was based completely based on our personalities, lifestyle and experiences with dogs. It felt good to have that sort of openness from both parties, the adopter & adoptee.

Looking back, magic actually happened, when we visited CUPA Second Chance Adoption Centre.
They opened the gates to all the dogs, they thought were best suited for us and Sanjana Madappa had also informed us on a few puppies who were being fostered by families with big hearts.
So our mind was quite open, or call it, indecisive.

Beauty, our boy now, ran up to us and turned his back to us and looked over with a big smile. Obviously, we gave him some heavy petting since he was persistent in his own gentle manner. We spent sometime with all the possible canine companions for us and left.

The next day, we were to have visited a few homes to also meet some puppies. However, our heart was set on Beauty and we did not think twice after sleeping on this feeling overnight, for reassurance.

It's been the best decision of our life together and we have been equally spoilt by Beauty as much as he's getting pampered by us.
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