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Only Meat For Dogs

Our variety of fresh pet food has been trusted by Bangalore pet parents, for its proportion, freshness, texture, smell and packaging, we've also got requests for plain cooked meats which have all the qualities of our meals, especially the bite sized cubes. 


If you are looking for high protein dog food, our Only Meat collection is just that, crafted for canines who just do not want anything coming between their meat. Our Only Meat category has worked as a convenient choice for cat owners since it is a natural cat food, with just single proteins.


At Hungry Eyes, cooking chicken for pets, covers the processes of cleaning, cooking to the right temperature & time, deboning, cutting the meat to cubes; all because cooking chicken on the bone, imparts the best flavour & nutrition to the meat. 

These are some of the best human food for dogs and you could hardly go wrong with plain cooked meats for pets.

And if your search was “fresh dog food near me” with a goal of feeding your pet a meat based diet, our Only Meat option would not disappoint you.


As a pet parent, you have a choice of 250 gms or 500 gms of cooked meat cubes, of your pet dog's choice.

The packaging is available in both food boxes and vacuum pouches.

The shelf life of the meat when packed in food boxes are 5 days and for the vacuum pouches are 10 days, under refrigeration.

The shelf life triples for both packaging when frozen.

Upto 500gms of Only Meat will be delivered the same day, for more, please allow us 24 hours to prepare & deliver.

PS: Kindly excuse our gallery for Only Meat category, we are selling like hot cakes!

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