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 Join us, Hungry Eyes, at every step of our journey

We are happy to share with you a few moments - spent by Hungry Eyes with other budding entrepreneurs in the creative & content space.

One may understand us better, when a third party has asked us the questions and we've answered them unfiltered!

Hope you have a good time reading & listening to us as much as we've enjoyed going through this process.

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This is an interview of Hungry Eyes, executed by, a pet community platform, or should we say a community of animal lovers. They touch upon stories that cover a range of pets from dogs, cats, guinea pigs, birds, reptiles; a very inclusive community for all pet lovers.

And here's the link to our interview with

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RareErth Podcast explores work, creativity & entrepreneurship. Founded by Manoj Radhakrishna, who believes humanity is to be celebrated and luckily for us, he noticed us, Nandini & Soubhik. This podcast, touches upon the life, love, work & passion of Nandini & Soubhik and of course a conversation with Manoj includes his take on these topics too.


Here's the link to RareErth Podcast - Rare Individuals, Rare Conversations

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