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How To Encourage A Picky Eater 
To Complete Their Meals

We love our dogs and want to always provide them with the best, especially food. Amongst our pack at Hungry Eyes, we have one such dog, who thinks “I ain’t fussy…just particular”. And a connoisseur he is. 


We have tried, tested all of the below tips and steps for our picky eater and are we glad we stuck to the plan. Probably because we were brought up ourselves, in a typical Indian family.


You have to help your dog understand that no other food option exists, after choosing from your list of fresh food for dogs near me, like Hungry Eyes, Bangalore.  


We have had multiple pet parents ordering our fresh food, with a head’s up or rather a warning, that their dogs are pretty picky about their food, And fingers crossed, all those dogs have left a clean bowl after Hungry Eyes Dog Food, since our offerings are wide and crafted for dogs with the most discerning pallet.


Tips to encourage a fussy dog to eat


There are a few things you can try to help reassure yourself that you’ve done everything in your power to make their dog food super tasty for them.  


You can add a little warm water to their dinner, or put it in the microwave for 30 - 60 seconds (this is dependant on the quantity of food).  This helps release the natural aromas and flavours in the food and that can help make the food more palatable for them. 


Sometimes mixing a few meats may do the trick or simply drizzling some coconut oil on their warm food.


Get a stool or stand to elevate their food bowl, making it easier for them to access their bowl without the strain.




Despite all of the above efforts, if you still see some inconsistencies in your dog’s eating habits, here’s an exercise which will help your dog and you enjoy meal times.


We regularly hear from canine behaviourists, experienced pet owners and trainers, that dogs require routine.

 The best way to get your picky eater to complete their meals,

is to follow these simple steps:


Put out your dog's food at meal time and leave it for 20-30 minutes.  If it hasn’t been eaten within the decided time, then take it away.

At their next scheduled meal time, put their food out and take it way again after 20-30 minutes, if it still isn’t eaten.

Maintain this strategy until your dog decides to eat.  Do not give in!


As a loving dog parent, you might think that this sounds harsh, but you have to remember that your dog isn’t starving.  They’ll definitely eat if they are hungry.  This is basically a battle of wills, and if you maintain this strategy you’ll have cracked the fussy dog enigma code and be able to move forward with a renewed dog eating pattern; allowing you, to try that entire playlist of "healthy homemade dog treats” recipes from YouTube.



We have heard from other dog owners who have used the above method to convert their picky eaters into healthy food loving pets. We have done this ourselves, with our “gourmet” dog who got pretty picky about his plate of food and now he loves trying new food and basically, has hungry eyes!!



And if you are not able to do the above with your choice of dog food, do check out our menu, crafted for canines, amongst the best home cooked meals for dogs, and a popular pet food brand for dog’s with a refined palette in Bangalore, visit

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