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Dog Treats & Dog Chews

High value dog treats as training treats, that are easy on your pocket and healthy dog treats since Hungry Eyes treats are natural treats made from human grade ingredients.


Our natural dog treats are safe to be fed as puppy treats and cat treats, that are soft and sure to offer a good chew. 

Organ treats for dogs at Hungry Eyes are single ingredient dog treats, made from a range delicious offals like liver from a variety of proteins - chicken, beef, pork - and chicken gizzard for dogs who need to be on low fat dog diet.


Our natural dog chews like chicken feet and chicken neck for dogs, are amongst the best dog dental chews. They are a tasty, healthy and fun way to introduce soft chews for puppies who may eventually graduate to some of the harder chew bones for dogs.


Our dog treats and dog chews, are simple, yet each process is followed to the T and there is always a Chef watching over every step of these homemade dog treats. 

Almost all healthy dog treats have minimal ingredients and dog treats at Hungry Eyes have just one hero ingredient, so go ahead and choose our dog treats online with an assurance of them being gluten free dog treats or for that matter grain free dog treats.


Basic thumb rule for any organ meat, is as below:

As treats -  5% of your dog's daily diet, can be organ meat, in weight.
As muscle meat replacement - 10% to 20% of your dog's daily diet, can be organ meat, in weight.


Hungry Eyes - Organ Treats recommendation:

Small dog:  Upto 6 pieces per day

Medium dog: Upto 10 pieces a day

Large dog: Upto 18 pieces a day.


Hungry Eyes recommendations are based on the fact that we cut the organs into smaller bite sized treats for your dogs. Most dogs, love getting more treats from you, especially during training, and you do not have to struggle cutting each piece smaller.


If your canines are new to organ treats for dogs, give a few pieces of treats, 3-4 times a week and gradually increase the quantity to the afore-mentioned recommendations.


Hungry Eyes - Dog Chews recommendation:

Small dog: 1 Chew a day

Medium dog: Upto 3 Chews a day

Large dog: Upto 5 Chews a day


Again depending on you & your dog, you may increase quantities after they are settled with the natural dog treats.

For your cuddly “gentle giant” breeds, we recommend you stick with our Large dog quantity recommendations or 5% - 10% more.



Use by:
The shelf life of our natural dog treats are 21 days & natural dog chews are 15 days; when refrigerated, from the date of preparation.

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