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Dog Meal Boxes

Healthy dog food at Hungry Eyes, are made with care from human grade ingredients. It consists of 78% protein, 17% vegetables and 5% grain. You may opt for grainless dog meal option at the same price, that’s right, Hungry Eyes does not charge a premium for grainless dog meals and we replace the grain portion with vegetables. 

The dog meal boxes are individually weighed and portioned for consistency of portion; just the way our dog's love consistency.
We do not mix egg in any form to our meals.
We offer single protein meals for dogs, cooked on order. 

Hungry Eyes food for puppy dog is ready to eat, straight off the box. You may heat up the food before serving in the microwave, this ensures the aroma of our natural dog food really hits your dog’s nose, getting them excited for meal times.


Ordering fresh dog food online, just got easier, try our meal boxes at first, as part of Hungry Eyes dog food trial for your puppy, after which you can switch to the best dog meal delivery that suits your pooch & you, with our Daily Meal Packs vacuum packed for longer shelf life and storage convenience.


The Dog Meal Boxes are a convenient way to try our fresh food for dogs, we have also catered to a few dog parties and some of our customers have also ordered them for their community dogs, since the dog bowl is also not required, it’s an easy serve!


Use by:
Our meals do not have any preservatives and the boxed meals have a safe shelf life of 5 days if refrigerated upon receiving.

If frozen, it will keep safe for up to 15 days.

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