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Daily Meal Packs

Fresh dog meals delivered in Bangalore to ensure your dog’s daily meat intake.


Our fresh dog food is made from a 100% human grade ingredients with zero preservatives. Freshly cooked on order, packed dog meals delivered in Bangalore, made with - 78% protein, 17% vegetables and 5% grain.

The ingredients used for your pet dog’s meals are all natural, local, with no preservatives. It’s still a chunky meat-based diet for dogs, with a great chew, smell and nutrition.


 Based on our customer’s feedback and our knowledge of fresh dog food,

we’ve designed the daily meal packs, specifically for fresh food delivery for dogs in Bangalore, with primary focus on convenience - Shelf Life, storage space, three deliveries a month & texture of the meal.


We’re vacuum packing our Daily Meal Packs for all the above benefits with no change to the nutritional value except the freshness now last longer and more effectively in an air tight pouch stored in the refrigerator.


The daily meal packs come in pack of 1, 5 and 10, so you feed your dog a variety of meats, for a more robust daily diet dog food.

We always encourage a pet parent to rotate the meats they offer their dogs to avoid developing any allergies and of course to keep meals interesting for the dogs.

We offer single protein meals for dogs with a variety of meats for dogs, other than chicken meal for dogs, like, fish, pork, mutton & beef meal dog food.

Our meat meal for dogs come in 3 variations: with grain/ without grain/ with only grain. 

We are again, amongst the few, if not, the only homemade dog food brand to not charge a premium, for a grain free dog diet.

Our fresh dog meals without grain or with grain are priced the same.

Your search for a near perfect fresh dog food delivery partner just got warmer with Hungry Eyes.


We at Hungry Eyes, would require a days notice to prepare larger quantities of meals, more than 3 packs.

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