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This photo shows the owners of Hungry Eyes - Nandini & Soubhik with their dog, Beauty, who was a key inspiration behind Hungry Eyes fresh dog food.

The Pack @ Hungry Eyes

For us, the decision to operate Hungry Eyes, was about making fresh dog food more accessible and less complicated. The focus of our business is on the product - fresh food for dogs, made from human grade ingredients, with a natural shelf life derived from the cooking & packing method. The dog meals being prepared with chunks of meat, diced vegetables, providing great nutrition & mental stimulation for the dogs. The bite sized dog treats, making it easy for the pet parent to not have to break the treats any smaller.  Last but definitely not the least, the same day delivery model, giving pet parents like us a chance to take a break without having to feel guilty and continue feeding their dogs, home cooked dog meals. 

  • Nandini Nair
  • Soubhik Hazra

The Operators

Our refrigerator at home is packed with food, more for Beauty & Bella (our dogs), than for ourselves. Not that we do not buy dog biscuits or packaged food for Beauty & Bella. It is more out of convenience, especially when we travel and now, that also seems to be changing with the arrival of our cool box. Beauty really does not enjoy his packaged foods as much as he enjoys hearty home cooked, meaty meals. The smell of fresh food in itself is something that gets him excited about meal times.  Bella came to us, underweight, and feeding her the right quantity of food had been our primary focus & pampering her with nutritious, natural dog treats.


I, Nandini, started my professional journey as a part time employee with Pizza Hut during my college days in 2001.  After graduating from the Institute of Hotel Management, Catering Technology & Applied Nutrition, Bangalore, my career with hotels was gently nudged and groomed towards corporate sales, by my managers, at The Park Hotels. Even though, I was in sales, I always had to know what were the latest updates operationally as well, which helped me keep my pitch updated, after all, hotels is all about the customer and the trust with the corporate clients.

Soubhik, my partner, is a stickler for process and there are no short cuts with him. He graduated in hotel management, from Srinivas College of Hotel Management, with flying colours from the beautiful coast of Mangalore, an inspiration by itself, in his professional journey. He worked in the food & beverage service department with pedigreed brands such as The Oberoi, The Taj and launched 3 hotels. He diversified in his industry choice when he landed a commercial role with the Bangalore International Airport Ltd. in its food & beverage vertical. He also grew professionally, in a retail tech company’s customer success division, utilising all his experience for better understanding of the tech world.


The desire of wanting to setup a business of our own grew stronger, with the arrival of our pet dog, Beauty, in our lives. We had to turn to convenient dog foods, like kibble or wet processed food, when we ran short on time to prepare home cooked meals for Beauty. Hence, our focus on the fresh dog food business with a natural shelf life and fresh dog food being delivered within the same day; especially for those pet parents who wants to lean on a pet food business like ours, on a day they decide to change their minds .


 Together, we, decided to utilise our experiences to work as a team with Hungry Eyes - Crafted For Canines. Given our background in the food and hospitality industry, we decided to approach fresh dog food in a similar fashion, ensuring food safety in every aspect of Hungry Eyes, from procurement, food handling, cooking, storage, packaging and delivery.

We are care givers, ourselves, to our gorgeous Beauty & Bella and are respectful of the decisions you take for your dogs as owners. And for everything else… follow our Dog Post, blogs and enjoy the journey of getting to know your dog, from the experiences of various pet owners and canine institutions we’ve had the opportunity of learning from.


After all, parenting is all about love, respect and equability… eventually leaving room for your ward to grow into their own being.

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