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Hungry Eyes is all about fresh dog food, made from human grade ingredients. We prepare freshly cooked, healthy & nutritious dog meals, dog treats and bone broth for dogs - with care. These meals, treats & broths are packed in food grade material and delivered to your doorstep. Hungry Eyes is one of the few, pet store delivery services, specializing in home-made food for dogs, in Bangalore, to deliver your order the same day. We also offer curbside pick-up of your dog’s fresh food order. 

We have crafted the best diet for dogs, based on inputs from experienced pet parents and canine professionals & specialists - who care for numerous dogs daily. This fact, coupled with our own experiences, as pet parents & hospitality professionals, research on the best way to feed dogs and standardization of dog recipes on our menu, adds to the freshness and wholesomeness of food that we prepare.

 We want to be one of the many essential support systems that will enable you to bond with your dog(s). It's our goal, to ensure that you are comfortable and confident about the food you serve your dog sans the time and effort from your end. We do this by ensuring that all the ingredients are cleaned, cooked and stored thoroughly as per globally established food safety guidelines. Each & every ingredient used in our products are distinctly visible & have a shelf-life of any home-cooked food when refrigerated properly.

We believe that the relationship with a dog is based on love, trust and respect, with food as a prime enabler. And that is exactly what we intend to offer you - our customer, cooked diet for dogs, you can trust to feed your canine companion.


Our food is not only appetising to the olfactory system of the dog but also gives the dog the experience of chewing into their food, ensuring a balanced diet for dogs and amongst the best dog food for picky eaters. 

We are believers in the power of good food helping in strengthening a human's relationship with their dog. Our aim is to enable you to focus on activities that a dog in general loves, other than feed time, like beautiful long walks in the parks of Bangalore, comfortable grooming and warm cuddles with their dog pack members. 


We want to be the dog food store, you can trust! 


Order already... For the love of dog.


Order by 3 PM 

Delivery between 5 PM- 9 PM

Homemade dog food delivery.

Bone broth is our only product, where we need a day's notice. 


Our dog food is cut into bite sized pieces, be it our dog treats for training or daily dog meals. The vegetables & meat in our dog meals are cut, not mashed, to keep the natural fibres intact.


As a dog parent, you see every ingredient in our fresh dog food. Dog treats that are gluten free, made from a single ingredient. Dog meals, where you see every single ingredient since it's not mashed. 


WhatsApp or Call us on  +918884284847

E-mail us at

Business Location

303, Royal Palms Apartment, 25
2nd Cross, LB Shastri Nagar, Kaggadasapura

Operational Timings
Monday to Saturday: 7AM to 7PM
Sunday: Weekly off. 


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